Thursday, February 25, 2010


My Zibbet cart should be working now, so If there are any problems when you go to order, just email me, so I can see what I can do.

Also my shops will be on Vacation Mode for 2 Weeks while I am gone out of state. I will be ready to be back in business by March 18th!

Thank you

Friday, February 19, 2010

Zibbet Shop...

My Zibbet Shop: is having some technical difficulties...
So if you see any mystical air fresheners you want, you can always purchase them through my etsy shop:

If you are looking for an air freshener such as a holiday one or hand painted that is not on etsy, just message me at: and I can send you an invoice through paypal. Also I will reimburse you the difference on the sale price through paypal, since I don't have the sale on Etsy.

I will let you know when my Zibbet site is working again. Thanks for understanding.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome to My Starlitcreations

Welcome to my new home on the web, "My Starlitcreations." A place where I will share all of my creations in my zibbet and etsy shops and also discuss my love of the stars and sea. I hope to put up some polls about different fragrances and other stuff soon. I used to blog all the time, but life is hectic raising my almost two year old by myself most of the year while my husband is out to sea. So please bear with me.

Anyway grab a cup of tea and relax and... ~*Follow the stars*~

My Etsy Shop